An example of encouragement

Nirmalaben C Patel is a hardworking woman; she has been volunteering in the community for 19 long years and is currently the assistant secretary at Krishna Temple in Bolton. She helps out in cultural shows, anchoring, choreographing and performing on stage.

Nirmalaben C Patel
Nirmalaben C Patel

Nirmalaben received the Inspirational Women’s Award recently for her tireless contribution and service to the community. She has also supported other communities and organisations and helped them in their missions by participating in various campaigns such as: Spirit of Bolton, Seva Dal, Bolton Hospice Run, Diabetic Walk and Cancer Research Run to raise funds.

“It’s nice to get recognition for my contribution to the Hindu community. Since 1987, I have enjoyed teaching and helping the community. I have developed strong friendship and have put in a lot of hard work over the years, so I am grateful for this award. I would not be in a position to receive this award if it wasn’t for the people I met and my family who supported me,” said Nirmalaben who is currently the co-opted member of Bolton Hindu Forum.

Age is just a number for this inspiring woman who at the age of 54 has the spirit, energy and enthusiasm like that of a 16-year-old girl. “I am 54 years of age but it doesn’t affect my work and enthusiasm as I have been involved in community service for a very long time,” she said adding, “My late husband encouraged me to utilise my Master’s degree in Sanskrit and my interests for the benefit of the community. My two children continue to support me in my endeavour.”

Nirmalaben, who enjoys choreography and public speaking said, “I am very passionate about Indian song and dance, I watch plenty of different Bollywood movies, particularly the song and dance aspects, which help me to develop my ideas.”

“I am very determined to succeed. Once I set my mind to achieving a goal, more often than not, I succeed. The energy comes from realising the fact that I am helping someone else, and this gives me immense satisfaction and happiness,” she added.

However, she insists that more women should come forward to showcase their hidden talents and skills which in turn will help to strengthen the community.


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