Gita Bhavan plans anniv celebrations


Gita Bhawan temple in Manchester
Gita Bhawan temple in Manchester

Gita Bhawan Hindu Temple in Manchester is gearing up to celebrate its 27th anniversary at the temple premises. Keeping in with the tradition of upholding cultural and religious values of its members and devotees, the temple authorities have planned on 14th June between 10 am till 12.30 noon some grand religious ceremonies. Entry being free and open to all, those who will attend will witness a set of pujas and yagnyas performed on the occasion.

The ceremony will open with the traditional Ganesh Puja followed by Navgraha homa, a massive Gayatri Yagnya which will be followed by the traditional Aarti and later with a scrumptuous vegetarian meal (Priti Bhojan) specially organised for the occasion.

Under the able guidance of Acharya Shyam Sundar Shastri from 24th June Wednesday till the 1st July, everyday between 6pm to 8pm there will be an enlightening talk on the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita.

In the past few decades, the population of the Hindu community in the UK including Manchester has increased manifolds. Earlier, many in the community residing in and around Manchester felt the need to build a community hall and a temple so that the young generation will get a platform to understand its cultural and religious background. With this view in mind, the Hindu community of Manchester built Gita Bhawan in 1987-88, recall devotees associated with the temple activities.