After ‘I lied,’ ‘I want to Dream’: Serena


serena2A lawyer turned singer-songwriter Serena Kern who is of Swiss-Indian descent who is currently an associate at Slaughter and May in London will be releasing her new EP ‘Dream’ at the end of the month. This brand new EP is set to follow last year’s three track treat ‘I Lied.’ The 4 track EP is produced in Atlanta with the help of legendary Rishi Rich who is one of the most lauded global producers on the fusion scene.

Kern is of Swiss/Indian descent and grew up in Southern India. In her youth Serena won an award for the highest IGCSE exam results in India. She later went on to graduate from the London School of Economics with a Law Degree.

Her sound combines acoustic singer-songwriter aspects with pop music themes. Perhaps her most cohesive work yet, ‘Dream’ is the latest step forward in a career set for great things, she believes.

Serena who produces a versatile blend of soulful pop, is an artist unique in both outlook and output. Blending her pop songs with aspects both western urban pop and traditional Indian music, Serena has won fans all over the world by fusing together different cultural ideas to great effect.

The latest EP, once again features Serena’s mixing autobiographical lyrics with a varied sound, with each song representing a different life experience. Title track ‘Dream’ is an upbeat song steeped in urban pop, a throwback to the freedom of Serena’s teenage years:

Second track, ‘Runaway’, features Kiran Dhanoa and portrays the emotion and struggle for control in a relationship, while ‘Let It Burn’ highlights the necessity to move on from difficult times. Finally, ‘Chase The Sun’ is a return to the freedom of youthful summers, young love and all it entails.

Reflecting on the new release, Serena says, ‘Touching on multiple relateable points, the songs string together nicely almost into a narrative.’ Perhaps her most cohesive work yet, Serena introspects, ‘Dream is the latest step forward in a career set for great things.’