UAE Exchange organises parenting session

Dr Mandar Bichu (centre) with some session participants
Dr Mandar Bichu (centre) with some session participants

As a part of their employee engagement program, UAE Exchange had organized a ‘Right Parenting Lifestyle Guidance’ session at their headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The two hour session was conducted by a well-known pediatrician, author , columnist and public speaker Dr. Mandar V. Bichu.

Explaining the vision of these sessions, Dr. Bichu told Asian Lite that, “The glut of information on the internet has not really helped the parents, who are bewildered by the sheer volume of the data, which they are not really trained to interpret”.

The doctor-patient communication is fast becoming obsolete in this age of mechanized medical practice, Dr Bichu said. That’s why it is imperative that socially conscientious doctors should share their expertise to help the parents formulate their parenting and lifestyle strategy, he advised.

The conducted session focused on the common symptom Fever and discussed various aspects of its day-to-day treatment at home, including the guidance on avoiding common misconceptions and identifying the danger signals.