Loose fear, not common sense: Boris

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged the public to “act fearlessly but with common sense” while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, the media reported on Sunday.

Speaking to the BBC, Johnson said that there had to be a “balance” between saving lives and protecting the economy.

“The best thing we can do now for all those who have suffered in the course of this pandemic is bring it to an end in the speediest possible way,” he said.

The Prime Minister told the BBC that he believed over the “next few weeks and months”, the “scientific equation will change whether that is vaccines or testing” and there will be “progress” in beating the virus.

As a result, he said there was “hope” and “things can be significantly different by Christmas”.

But, Johnson warned there could be “a very tough winter for all of us”.

“I tell you in all candour, it will continue to be bumpy through to Christmas and may even be bumpy beyond.”

His remarks came as the Conservatives on Sunday were holding their first virtual party conference due to coronavirus restrictions on mass gatherings.

The UK has so far reported 482,654 coronavirus cases and 42,407 deaths.

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