Indian Muslim Body Condemns France Attack

The Indian Muslims for Progress and Reform (IMPAR) on Friday condemned the murder of a French school teacher and also the attacks on three innocent civilians in Nice.

“IMPAR, a body of more than 10,000 prominent Muslims of India and Indian origin worldwide, wish to unequivocally condemn in the strongest possible terms the terrorist incidents that have taken place in France both yesterday as well as on 16th October. The attack on Samuel Paty in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine two weeks ago, and yesterday’s attacks on three innocent civilians in Nice, have no place in a civilized society,” the IMPR said in a press statement.

“The murder of Mr. Paty, a French school teacher, for showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a classroom as part of a lesson on the subject of free speech, means that today’s attacks came during heightened tensions in the country over radical Islamism, secularism and freedom of speech.”

IMPAR appealed to the international community, and especially to the Muslim -majority countries, to join them in denouncing “these acts of mindless violence.”  It said that no inhumane acts can ever be permitted to be performed in the name of religion.

French President Emmanuel Macron

Meanwhile, the body also announced its support to President Macron in condemning radicalization of the Islamic faith, and “trusts him to ensure the safety and security of the vast majority of Muslims living in France whose only desire is to live peacefully and contribute constructively to the life of this proud, democratic, and secular nation.”

IMPAR also urged the President and the people if France “not to allow such incidents to undermine the perception of these people and their way of life – for whom depiction of the Prophet Mohammed is a sensitive subject but would never condone acts of violence in the name of blasphemy, and uphold the principle of free speech in French society.”

The President of IMPAR, Dr. MJ Khan, stated: “Violence and hate are the biggest obstacle in the accomplishment of global peace should find no place in today’s civilized world.”