Tony Lloyd Is Interim Mayor

Mr Tony Lloyd, the Police and crime commissioner of Greater Manchester, has been selected as the interim mayor…reports Asian Lite, best newspaper for British Asians

Manchester's interim mayor Tony Lloyd attending an event at Gandhi Hall
Manchester’s interim mayor Tony Lloyd attending an event at Gandhi Hall

Chancellor George Osborne who paved the way for creating a northern power house centred in Manchester welcomed Mr Lloyd, a former MP and a minister under Tony Blair. He will serve as interim mayor till 2017, when the city elects a mayor.

Greater Manchester’s population of 2.7million is bigger than that of many countries. The city’s is contributing £50.9billion a year to the UK, compared to Wales’ £47.36billion. The Greater Manchester will become the first English region to get full control of its health spending, as part of an extension of devolved powers. Chancellor George Osborne said the £6bn health and social care budget would be taken over by the region’s councils and health groups. The plan will come into force from April 2016.

Tony Lloyd in a statement said: “This is an exciting and challenging time for Greater Manchester. As we move towards devolution we have to ensure that there is a strong voice making the case to government on Greater Manchester’s behalf. I am pleased that I will be that voice, but to be effective my role must carry legitimacy with the people of Greater Manchester.

“The public must be involved as we move forward. Issues like health, community safety and economic development are too important for decisions to be made behind closed doors. The changes we need can only be delivered if the public has bought into them and are included in the debate.

“I want to build on the strong partnerships I have developed as Police and Crime Commissioner with public agencies, local elected politicians, businesses, voluntary and charity groups and – most importantly of all – local people themselves to ensure we speak with one strong, united voice.

“I would like to thank Lord Peter Smith for his service as chair of the combined authority. Peter is not just one of the great council leaders of this land, but he has also guided Greater Manchester to the place where we are now and I look forward to working with him in the coming years.”