What is wrong with Jeremy? The Top Gear host unleashed a heap of F words on a crew member. What is going wrong with us…writes Bikram Vohra

Jeremy Clarkson - pics fronm Twitter
Jeremy Clarkson – pics fronm Twitter

Do you know how much energy you and I expend shouting at the wrong people. We are paying a bill at a hospital and the man in front is going ballistic about his bottom line and screaming obscenities at the man behind the counter who has no knowledge or information why your bill is what it is. We have a rough deal at the airport with the airline and what happens we holler at the staff on duty because the flight is delayed for technical reasons. You really think the guy is privy to the details as you blow your top. You think the captain called him and said, oh the port engine is a little hot so we are going to be late. Your bag gets lost in London and you are screaming at the person on duty in New Delhi about the incompetence of the carrier and how you’ll never fly this airline again. He cannot help you, he knows nothing that will help you.

We get a minion on the helpline at the bank after listening to muzak for 30 minutes and give her a piece of our minds and threaten dire consequences… she doesn’t even know what you are talking about… and you might know the MD personally as you drop his name… chances are she is at a call centre a thousand miles away making a living and has no clue who you are talking about.

The man comes to collect your car for repairs and you read him the riot act about how badly the mechanics did their job and he has no connect with that section, he is just the driver. You go to the swanky restaurant and you don’t like the food, who gets a fusillade… the poor waiter who didn’t make the dish, he just brought it to your table.

The credit card lady who gets a mouthful because there is a mistake in the bill and you vent and vent and she can do nothing about it nor does she care, not her department.

It is always the lower levels, the first person from the company that we meet and he or she are less aware of the problem than you are.

But we don’t stop, do we?