Rail chaos in London

Gatwick Express and other services in London were affected as a power cut hit London’s rail system.

London Train stationThousands of rail passengers have been evacuated from trains after a power cut in south London left people stranded during rush hour for up to five hours, BBC reported.

The electrical problem struck between Wandsworth Common and Clapham Junction, resulting in trains in and out of Victoria station being suspended.

All Gatwick Express services were cancelled and passengers on Southern trains were badly affected.

Emergency services were eventually called to rescue commuters.

London Fire Brigade helped 2,000 passengers off a stranded train in Battersea.

Police and paramedics had to bring water on board some trains for passengers who had been stuck on non-moving trains without air conditioning for up to five hours.

A tweet from British Transport Police said: “More trains being evacuated. We’re getting officers to trains still stalled where possible. Thank you for your patience.”

Passengers spoke of nightmare conditions at Clapham Junction, while there were reports that a London-bound train that left Brighton at 06:56 BST was still outside Clapham at 12:00.