Harriet’s Unusual Art at Nehru Centre

Harriet Riddell who practices an amazingly different art – that of a textile performance artist shall present a  Talk and Exhibition: In Stitch You India today, May 18 at 6.30 pm

Harriet Riddell's Talk and Exhibition: In Stitch You India at 6.30  - Nehru Centre
Harriet Riddell’s Talk and Exhibition: In Stitch You India at 6.30 – Nehru Centre

She has travelled India with her sewing machine, creating art works in live scenarios. Harriet stitches her observations and creates narrative illustrations of the place she is in. Her art is a performance, by experimenting with her surroundings and the people she chooses to stitch. Harriet loves the interaction which occurs when stitching from life. Each piece carries a story as it builds part of a journey. Harriet has stitched in front of the Taj Mahal, up in the Himalayan Mountains, on bridges and on trucks – to name but a few.

This exhibition celebrates the four months she spent in India through the medium of stitches, sketches, fi lm and photography. Harriet has also made a book of her adventures, which she will be showcasing during the show. Harriet will display her works and will also talk about her adventures and her unusual art form. She will also be available throughout the week, stitching portraits live during the open hours of The Nehru Centre.