World’s first selfie taken in 1850

The selfie of Swedish artist Oscar Gustave Rejlander
The selfie of Swedish artist Oscar Gustave Rejlander

It may not look that jazzy but a self-portrait which dates back to the 1850s holds the record for being the world’s first selfie.

The selfie of Oscar Gustave Rejlander, a pioneering Swedish Victorian art photographer and an expert in photo-montage, was recently sold at an auction at Morphets in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for 70,000 pounds.

“The owner brought the book to us with a reserve price of just 100 pounds,” Liz Pepper Darling from Morphets was quoted as saying in media reports.

The selfie was discovered in a leather-bound book of 70 albumen prints by the renowned Swedish artist also known as the father of art photography.

Rejlander’s wife Hallam Tennyson is also seen in the album.

Rejlander’s collaboration with renowned naturalist Charles Darwin on the work titled “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals” assured him a position in the history of behavioural science and psychiatry.

He is also known for his work “The Two Ways of Life” made up of 32 negatives.