Daily Dose by Bikram Vohra

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK Supremo J Jayalalithaa addresses a press conference in Chennai on May 16, 2014. (Photo: IANS)To my mind more important than the Modi bandwagon’s huge US success the Oscar for courage, conviction and commitment goes to a man called John Michael D’Cunha.
He is a judge in Tamil Nadu and he is the first judicial official in the history of our country to remove a sitting Chief Minister and an icon in her state and have her locked up. To go against Jayalalitha on her turf in a politically passionate state required immense fortitude. The man risked his life and it is a seething indictment of all our media that no one appreciates the milestone in the realm of justice that man has created.
Sir, I don’t know you but I salute you. You risked your life. It is now incumbent upon the government to ensure your security and safety and that of your family. Instead of having all those black cat commandos ‘protecting’ third rate politicians a squad should be there ensuring that you are not a victim of harassment of any sort.
Please be safe for you are really an example to this country of a man who could easily have slipped past the risk and waffled on indefinitely.
Sir, you are a true Indian, an example of those rare individuals who comes out of nowhere and do the right thing for the right reasons. You have put yourself and your family and friends in jeopardy and it would be very sad if India did not appreciate this display of guts in a nation where political icons have total power.
It took 18 years for a man like you to give the rule of law meaning.
No one knows you, no one knows your history and the way our media is organised in its priorities its spearhead will babble on about diddley but won’t even notice how awesome a verdict you gave and what it must have meant to stand by the book.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Oscar goes to….John Michael d’Cunha.
Give this man a standing ovation.