US degree now closer to home

 Bringing the benefits of global education to Indian students, Mumbai-based Global Pathways Institute has launched a four-year undergraduate pathway programme in alliance with the Arcadia University in the US.

Students enrolled in the course would have the opportunity to pursue two years of the degree course in India, and the next two years in Arcadia University or in any of their affiliated institutions in the United States, said a statement from Global Pathways Institute.

“Currently, in India, there are many twinning programmes, where the transfer is to the partner university. However, this is the first pathway programme where a wide array of universities is available for transfer,” said Monica Mehta, advisory board member to Global Pathways Institute.

Global Pathways Institute is an initiative of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State and educationist, Sujay Jairaj, a trustee of Narsee Monjee Educational Trust, Mumbai.

While partner universities offer guaranteed admission in the third year, admission to other universities (4,000-plus colleges and universities) depends on the academic performance of the student.

“This is India’s first MSA (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools) accredited undergraduate pathway programme that offers students flexibility, affordability and transfer to the US and foreign universities,” Mehta, who has already run a successful pathway programme in Sri Lanka, said.

“Students can choose any major, any degree or any pathway that they want in the US after spending two years in Global Pathways Institute,” Mehta added.

Global Pathways Institute’s alliance with Arcadia University is also expected to bring in more US students to India.

“At Arcadia, we are looking for a big exchange of students. Going forward, we are looking at students from Arcadia too coming here. In India, they will have all the opportunities that any Arcadia student in the US has,” Nicolette De Ville Christensen, president of Arcadia University, said.