UAE to end mid-day break for hard labour

The UAE Labour Ministry has announced that the midday break rule period, which prohibits labourers from outdoor work between 12:30pm and 3pm, will draw to an end tomorrow on September 15th. The mandatory midday work break aims to ensure the well-being of the labourers who work in the scorching heat during the summer months, according to Khaleej Times.

Dubai“The implementation of the Afternoon Work Ban decision, which has now run for 10 years, came in line with the integrated policies and initiatives of the labour market to ensure interests of both the production sides and workers, being important partners in the production and development process.

“Employers were obliged to provide workers with shaded areas during that period, aside from ensuring a safe working environment at all times. The Ministry of Labour was satisfied by the rising level of commitment in applying the decision, praising the initiatives taken by some private enterprises during the past years for implementing the ban ahead of the notified time,” Khaleej Times.

“The ministry thanked all government and private institutions for their support towards protecting labourers health and safety conditions, by providing free medical check-ups, educating them on the proper means of protection against direct exposure to injuries, as well as the initiatives undertaken by many members of the community each year, which embodies the values of compassion and solidarity in the UAE society.

“Based on the principle of transparency, the ministry keeps track of non-compliant firms using specific criteria and impartiality. However, these facilities are entitled to file a complaint against the ministry of believed non-guilty with regards to the midday rule and which in turn will be studied very carefully.

“For the punishment part, the ministry has clearly stated that violators will face a Dh 15,000 fine if found forcing labourers to work during prohibited timings. The inspections department sends out a team of professional inspectors during those hours to record any violations using hi-tech equipment’s and cameras as proof,” the report added.

“It was mentioned that the minister noted some exceptional cases that require continuation of work during those periods for technical reasons, yet employers are obliged to provide cold drinking water, safety tools and materials, salts, lemon, fresh salads and all necessities that have been approved for use by health authorities in the country,” Khaleej Times said.