So much for the arrogance of power. This government promised Indians a service for the people. Less government, more governance. Reflect that sentiment in a nine strong police force that has gathered in the home of Janata Dal (United) MP Mahendra Prasad in upscale New Delhi. When he went to sleep the night before there were nine jackfruit on his tree. When he woke up in the morning there were seven. Two, he deduced (genius) were stolen while he slept. He suspects some schoolchildren. But fingerprint experts are currently playing sleuth at the crime scene. Two guards have been suspended for failing in their duties.

Jocker StupidThe MPhas summoned a whole posse to track down the dastardly criminals. Call in the CBI, the IB, bring in the forensics, we have to find the two jackfruit, maybe DNA will prove they are from the same tree.

The MP who lives in a bungalow at the taxpayer’s expense and probably charges rent from all the minions who live in the servants quarters has now officially called his home a crime scene. The police are interrogating all those minions and their families…who know how far the rot could reach. Today jackfruit, tomorrow the world.
It is not the fruit, it is the principle of the thing. And in a nation where raped women cannot lodge a complaint at least we protect our jackfruit. The government medical teams are now probably checking blood samples from all the suspects(minions, domestic workers, visitors) to see if anyone has ingested jackfruit recently and it would not be beyond the realm of possibility that a lie detector has been set up.
You think I joke. Go read about it. It is making headlines all over. The guy called a whole bunch of cops and they came running.
With each such scary story you feel, nothing has changed.Tell me this is not true. It is like Kejriwal time again. New to power these MPs are insufferable and the people have to suffer them. And this is a guy who is a breakaway from the BJP.