Daily Dose by Bikram Vohra

Kerala fightingDon’t you just dislike it when people offer you smarter options than the one you exercised after the event is done and dusted? Like you have just told them how expensive the flight was and they say, really, why didn’t you go for the package deal, it was much cheaper and you get a night’s free stay thrown in, we did that, would have save you a few thousands.

And they are so damn right which only makes it worse and you have no defence except to hate yourself for having made a rotten deal… especially since you thought you were being smart.

It is great to give advice after the event and very annoying to be on the receiving end. Where were you when I was making the plan? At that time there was no sign of you. So, sorry, I made the wrong decision but can you please now stop rubbing my nose in it.

It is like those people you ask for help of some sort and they have always said, anytime just ask and now you ask and they say, oh I wish you had asked me last week I would have done it in a jiff, but this week is a bad time man, just cannot do it, really sorry.

No, you are not sorry. You just talk is all and I fell for it.

Similarly, yes, I can see your idea is better, well done, good on you, top of the class, do you have to make me feel bad? I got the point. Go away.

And they have that triumphant ‘aren’t you a dummy’ undertone to their voices. Obviously, there is great pleasure in trumping the other party. For one they enjoy making you feel stupid. For another, they exult in their being savvy. And you are caught in the middle. Like raspberry jam in a sandwich.

How could you put your money into that investment, are you crazy, you could see it was crooked from a mile away. Oh, really, really, I mean reallllllly.

Then they’ll ever say it only to you. There is always an audience so now there are eyewitnesses to your monumental stupidity.

You know I was just telling Bikram if he had gone to the sale he would have got the same shirts for 40% less.

Thank you.

Never use up your air miles in season, that’s a waste, wait for the lean months.

Thank you.

Some things you never tell your wife, they will backfire, guaranteed.

Now you tell me.