Nick assures help for India

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Monday said his country was “ready” and “able” to help build India’s “good days” and that bilateral trade between the two countries would be boosted.

Deputy Prime Minister of United Kingdom Nick Clegg pays homage to unsung war heroes at Amar Jawan Jyoti, India Gate in New Delhi
Deputy Prime Minister of United Kingdom Nick Clegg pays homage to unsung war heroes at Amar Jawan Jyoti, India Gate in New Delhi

“Good days are coming. Britain is ready and able to help build that. India is our biggest G20 investor and UK has the expertise and investment capacity that can create the best jobs for India’s young population,” Clegg said at “UK-India: Business is great” conference organised by UK Trade and Investment in partnership with Ficci in New Delhi.

Calling for collaboration with Indian entrepreneurs, he said Britain is uniquely placed to cater to Indian consumers demand for high quality products.

“India’s entrepreneurs can expect to benefit from UK’s flexible tax regime,” he said, adding that “every UK business group wants to work with India”.

“We will together create jobs, ensure growth and make a prosperous future,” Clegg reiterated.

Clegg is on an official visit to India Aug 25-Aug 27. He will be visiting Mumbai and Bangalore too.

He said in his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, a lot of attention was paid to economic and commercial matters.

The UK Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Nick Clegg calls on the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in New Delhi on August 25, 2014.
UK Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Nick Clegg calls on the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in New Delhi

“There were also discussion on a future trade agreement,” Clegg said.

He said that Modi and he discussed how the regulation burden can be removed, paving the way for investment.

“Huge attention was paid on how the regulation burden can be removed. This will act as catalyst for increasing the level of investment coming to India,” Clegg said.

He said there was also an exchange of views on the importance of economic growth and environmental sustainablity going hand in hand.

“There is a personal passion in Prime Minister Modi who spoke of his own experiences in ensuring a Green Gujarat. We both agreed that growth cannot come at the cost of nature,” Clegg further said.

On the education sector, Clegg said heavy emphasis was given on education during the meeting.

“India has a young population. 70 percent of its population is young. There are thousands of young people who need skills. UK has world’s top six universities which can help Indian students develop skills,” he said.

On the issues of recognition of British degrees in India, Clegg said it was a “tricky issue”.

“Issues of compatibility and mutual recognition is a tricky issue. Governments have to play a role. Educational institutions too will have to play a role in that. I am directly or indirectly going to smoothen that,” he assured.