Mumbai, Karachi fashion adventures

 Karachi-based fashion designer Huma Adnan says her “dramatic and quirky” creations are apt for the Mumbai market as women here are as daring as those in her homeland.

For the past eight years, she has been offering women in Pakistan, popular for long length kurtas with salwars, outfits that are far from “regular”. Be it midriff revealing tops or ankle-length dresses, her designs can be worn by any “daring” woman.

“My stuff is more for people who are young at heart. Age is not a limit. I feel somebody who wants to feel happy, I make clothes for them. I don’t have typical thing that I see everywhere,” Adnan, who was in the capital for the “Aalishan Pakistan” lifestyle exhibition, said here.

“I feel bored of the regular stuff… looks like uniform. I show dramatic and quirky clothes. I do fusion and I am proud of my craft,” she added.

Adnan’s creations were sold from Indian multi-designer store Kimaya in Mumbai and she believes that when it comes to business, the city is good for her.

“I used to sell from Kimaya. I was stocking from there. For a little while, I stopped doing for personal reasons. I plan to start again. I know Mumbai is my market because people love my stuff,” she said.

“Here (in Delhi), people are not willing to experiment. Maybe, I am wrong. In Mumbai, girls are very adventurous. They can wear anything, just like Karachi girls. They are willing to be daring.

“In Delhi, people are more into traditional and they play safe. I’ve seen a lot of socialites here in cutting edge pieces too, but mostly ethnic wear… very royal and regal though. They are well dressed, but not adventurous,” she added.

With the arrival of the autumn-winter season, she has more exciting pieces for fashionistas.

“I don’t make boots. I am working on anklets which can be worn with dresses. Women can cover almost half of their legs. That’s a new trend I am trying to bring in. It’s an accessory and looks stunning,” said the designer.

She is also planning to offer structured ensembles to women for the coming season.

“There will be structured clothes and I’ll use a lot of stretch fabric and silk. I want girls’ contours to show,” said Adnan.

She is also looking at the West for her collections.

“London is my next venture. There is a huge market for my kind of clothes,” she said.

While she wants to open stores in different parts of the world, she says that fashion has “come a long way” in her home country.

“We used to wear a lot of dark colours and not experiment with bright ones. Now, we wear something as bright as saffron or red, but they are different from what is available in India,” she said.

“Fashion weeks have also started. There are quite a few American designers who love our work. I know we have made it, but how the government will capitalise, they need to have a plan for that,” added Adnan, a member of the Fashion Pakistan Council that has been providing exposure to the country’s designers since 2007.