Kalasangam Presents Salaam

Kalasangam, Bradford, presents, a beautifully crafted intricate dialogue of Kathak dance and live music inspired by the works of 13th Century Sufi Saint and musicologist Hazrat Amir Khusro.Saturday 18th October 2014 @ 7pm, Ganges Hall, Kala Sangam

Sonia Sabri
Sonia Sabri

Kathak is an exhilarating dance experience: an astounding display of precise footwork, eloquent gesture, rapid turns and intricate, heart-pounding rhythms. Internationally acclaimed for her electric stage presence and distinctive personal style, Sonia revisits the classical roots of Kathak in a high-impact performance that embraces a rich, joyful spirit and builds to a heart-pounding rhythmic crescendo.

This stunning production features evocative live music from an ensemble of musicians including sarangi, vocal and table from the world-renowned maestro Sarvar Sabri.

Local and National Artists participate in this unique performance.  Salaam’ literally means peace and celebrates the auspicious festival of Eid.



Ganges Hall

Kala Sangam Arts Centre

St Peter’s House

Forster Square