Fauja supports WWI event

Fauja Singh urges people to join peace marathon in Britain

Fauja Singh
Fauja Singh

India-born centenarian Sikh runner Fauja Singh has urged everyone to join a peace marathon organised in London to mark the First World War centenary in Britain, media reported.

London-based 103-year-old Fauja Singh, who is believed to be the world’s oldest runner, has organised a relay race to mark the hundredth year of World War I as message of “co-operation and harmony”, The Ilford Recorder reported.

The event will be organised by Singh’s “Sikhs in the City” running club in London Borough of Redbridge Aug 24.

Singh, nicknamed the “Turbaned Tornado”, said the race was particularly in honour of the “forgotten victims” of conflicts — women and the elderly.

“I urge everyone to support the race as there is too much violence in the world today,” the report quoted Singh as saying.

Singh has been encouraging people of all faiths to join the peace marathon calling for an end to war.

“I was only three at the time and it seems that despite the hundred years since, man still continues fighting man when there is no need,” Singh said.

Since he took up running in 2000 aged 89, Singh has run nine full marathons.

The Marathon runner retired after the Hong Kong marathon last year.

Singh, who was born in India in 1911, took up running in his eighties to distract himself from the trauma of losing his son, daughter and wife in quick succession.

“Man should be fighting injustice, poverty and hatred, not each other,” Singh added.

The relay will comprise 21 laps of a 2km route, with participants receiving a commemorative medal and T-shirt.