China denounce British inquiry

london-iconsChina Friday urged Britain to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs after a British parliamentary committee conducted an inquiry on the implementation of a Hong Kong joint declaration.

“Such practice is an interference of China’s domestic affairs,” Xinhua quoted foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei as saying. He was referring to the British Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee inquiry which was announced Tuesday.

The inquiry is about the implementation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong since its signing in 1984.

“China is strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposes Britain’s practice, and has lodged solemn representations,” Hong said.

The joint declaration was signed December 19, 1984 in Beijing, after 22 rounds of negotiations.

It confirmed that China will resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong from July 1, 1997, and the “one country, two systems” policy will be implemented in the region.

“Hong Kong is one special administrative region of China, and its affairs are China’s domestic affairs. The Chinese government opposes any foreign forces intervening,” the spokesperson said.

He urged the British side to respect China’s stance and concerns with concrete actions, abide by its commitment and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs in any form to maintain sound development of Sino-British relations.