Casillas determined to stay at Real

Iker Casillas
Iker Casillas

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has insisted that he has no intention of leaving the football club where he has spent his entire career.

Casillas, who made his debut in the 1998-99 season, has been the focus of increasing criticism from Real supporters over the past two seasons. The 34-year-old was even booed by a section of the fans during the 7-3 win over Getafe in the last game of the La Liga season, reports Xinhua.

With the club trying to sign Manchester United goalkeeper, David De Gea many thought that could be his last game for the club, but Casillas on Tuesday said he had no intention of going anywhere.

“I’m sure I’ll be here next season; I cannot imagine myself outside of the club,” said Casillas, who added he wanted to “end my career here.”

However, he admitted that although he wanted to remain at the club, circumstances could force him out of the door.

“There’s always the chance that I could go to a smaller league if things don’t turn out and I have to leave.

“But right now I see myself as being strong enough and I will go into next season like it was my first,” commented the goalkeeper, who added he had been informed that “the club wants me to stay”.

Casillas, who is still first choice for Spain, said he would welcome the arrival of the man who is currently his understudy in the national team.

“If De Gea comes here, he’ll be welcomed. Competition is healthy — there is no clause in my contract which states that I have to be first choice. We’ll have to compete for a place like we do with Spain.

“De Gea is a great person and a goalkeeper for the present and the future. He can handle pressure and the experience he has had at Manchester United will have served him well,” Casillas, who captained Spain to 2010 FIFA World Cup title, concluded.