Tara Shares Hair Care Routine

Tara Sutaria: The beauty junkie.

Bollywood actress Tara Sutaria believes that girls should leave their hair in its natural form. “Keep it simple, natural and be mindful of what you’re putting in your hair,” asserts Tara, who is the new face of St. Botanica.

The “Student of the Year 2” star will be endorsing the brand’s haircare range. In a short interview with us, Tara shares her haircare regime and suggests way to prevent problems. Excerpts:

What’s your haircare routine like?

Most of the time when we’re shooting, our hair tends to get rough due to the usage of lots of styling products. So I like to follow a basic haircare routine at home, after washing my hair, I leave it to air-dry. I prefer wrapping my head in a hot towel, apart from being very calming, it makes the hair softer. Another essential practice is oiling, it makes my hair feel great.

Mumbai: Actress Tara Sutaria (Photo: IANS)

Your go-to haircare hack?

My go-to haircare hack that I used to do as a child was applying yoghurt to my scalp and hair which helps make the hair soft, silky and smooth. Yoghurt is an ingredient that is available in every household, so I’d recommend everyone to use it.

Haircare tips you’d like to share

Best hair care tips I’d like to share are that as far as possible leave your hair in its natural form, it’s the most beautiful. The more we try to style it with products/equipment, it can really damage the hair and it’s bad in the long run. Because I’m in an industry that requires me to do so much of it, I’ve realised the goodness of simple products hence being a part of St. Botanica has opened my eyes towards sustainable and natural formulas that work for the hair. So keep it simple, natural and be mindful of what you’re putting in your hair.

Tara Sutaria shares haircare tips. (Photo: tarasutaria/Instagram)

Tell us about your association with the brand?

This is the first time I’ve been associated with a haircare brand, it feels great and I’m happy to be associated with St. Botanica and learn so much about natural haircare. I love what they stand for – simple, natural and healthy hair.

It’s so amazing to go back to the basics. It’s not every day you come across brands that stand for sustainable, paraben-free formulas. I’m proud to be associated with them and completely resonate with their philosophy. Being an all-Natural brand that offers plant-based formulas, it’s great for our hair that takes us back to the old times when people took care of their hair in a simpler way.

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