Hinduja Brothers emphasise on promotion of Culture and Heritage

Renu Gidoomal at Shaandaar Sindhi event

In continuation of highlighting the rich cultural diversity of India, Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence organised “Shaandaar Sindhi” on the virtual platform recently, spotlighting incredible Sindhi performing arts, language promotion and cuisine.

Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist, Producer and MD of music & events company Atmasphere Renu Gidoomal kickstarted the high-spirited event with an invocation and presented Sindhi songs Nangda Nimani Da, Sindhi Abani Boli and climaxed with Mast Kalandar.

Hinduja brothers of the business conglomerate Hinduja group have all spoken passionately on the occasion. While Gopichand P Hinduja accentuated Sindhu civilisation, Sindhi heritage and culture, Prakash P Hinduja and Ashok P Hinduja have outlined Hinduja Foundations contributions to the social sectorand philanthropy.

Gopichand Hinduja at Sanskruti’s Shaandaar Sindhi event

Opening his message with “Jai Jhulelal”, GP Hinduja said “Dr. Ram Jawhrani, Dr. Nandakumara, Ragasudha Vinjamuri– thank you for allowing my brother AP and I to say a few words for this celebration of our Sindhi culture. Sindhiyat or the Sindhi culture is one of the oldest in the world dating back to the times of Sindhu civilisation or Indus valley civilisation. That our culture is the oldest and traces its roots to Vedic period, is a fact not known to many, including Sindhis themselves. Sindhu civilisation prospered around Sindhu Darya (Sindhu river leading to the sea), the backbone of the economy, we have had close affinity with water as we were sea travellers and merchants. That’s how the mercantile system (finance and trade) runs in our DNA”.  

Emphasising on the importance of preserving the identity, he said “For the survival of Sindhiyat, or Sindhi culture, three things must be passed on to our next generation – one, our language, two- our cuisine and three, our festivals and traditions. Because the main ingredients of any culture are its language, food and traditions. Jeko Chavando Jhulelal, Tehnja theenda Bedapaar!” Prakash P Hinduja reminisced of Sindhi programs he attended in South East Asia, the cruise organised by Sateesh Raisinghani in Spain and the Sammelans organised by American Sindhis, that brought Sindhi people together.

Prakash Hinduja at Sanskruti’s Shaandaar Sindhi event

He also hailed the Sindhis’ contribution in business and spiritual sector, including Brahma Kumaris and referred to Sindhi community leaders in Dubai and other places. Echoing the sentiments of his brothers, Ashok P Hinduja has emphasised on economic growth so that more charitable and cultural activities can be promoted.

Chairman of Global Sindhi Council and Sahyog Foundation Dr Ram Jawhrani spoke on what Sindhiyat means, and stressed on taking pride and celebrating Sindhi identity by preserving the unique Sindhi culture and restoring the lost Sindhi traditions among the young. Executive Director of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan London Dr M. Nandakumara exalted Sindhu civilisation, recited the Sanskrit poem that mentions Sindhu River, acknowledged the support of people of Sindhi community to Bhavan and recalled Sindhi language classes held on the premises by Chandroo Malkani.

Dr Ram Jawhrani speaking at Shaandaar Sindhi event

He stressed on identifying scholars and recording their works for posterity. Author of Shattered Sindh Scattered Sindhis and Co-Founder of Sindhi Association of UK Raj Daswani recounted the formation of SAUK and highlighted the Sindhi drama & theatre arts, mentioning his wife Geeta Daswani holds the distinction of the first lady to have participated in Sindhi drama in India.

Gulshan Makhija, Hero Parwani and Kishan Ramnani of Sindhu Sakha Sangam presented the beautiful Sindhi Bhagat performance, which added to the vibrancy of the event. Chair of Harrow Interfaith and recipient of 2009 Mayor’s Award for Service to the Community in Harrow  Sonoo Malkani presented some of the mouthwatering Sindhi dishes such as Pakwaan Daal, Sayee Bhajee and Besan Kadhee.

Bhagat Performance by Sindhu Sakha Sangam

The event was conceived and conducted by Ragasudha Vinjamuri, Founder of Sanskruti Centre, in collaboration with Sindhi Association of UK and supported by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, while technical support was rendered by Sushil Rapatwar. All have commended with one voice the efforts of Sanskruti Centre for organising this event.

Video of the programme is available at https://www.facebook.com/Sanskruti100/videos/865130210962831/