Leicester girl bags 2nd MA from Harvard

On May 26, Briton’s youngest doctoral student at Leicester University , Eugenie de Silva tweeted ‘’16 y/o with 2 Master’s degrees. Attending my Harvard University DCE grad ceremony on the 28th as Harvard’s youngest to receive a Master’s,’’reports Asian Lite, UK’s leading newspaper among British Asians.

Eugenie de Silva - a child prodigy
Eugenie de Silva – a child prodigy

Eugenie is Briton’s youngest doctoral student graduated from Harvard University with her second MA. At 16, Eugenie who has completed a legal studies course was awarded her MA degree recently. On her twitter handle she confesses she is ‘ nerd’ . She had moved to the USA in 2004 from Manchester and has her long term dream of serving the Defence department in the country.

Talking to The Times, she boasts, ‘’it was quite easy . The only difficulty was the fact that I had to travel every week from home in Tennessee to Boston.’’

Earlier announced as a child prodigy, Eugenie at 14 had completed a a degree in intelligence analysis with the American Military University. At 15, she had finished an MA in intelligence studies with the same University. Later she enrolled herself for her PhD in politics at the Leicester University in UK.

She attributes her success to her father who is a professor of physics and chemistry.