Adil Hussain To Share Screen With British Actor Antonio Aakeel

Indian actor Adil Hussain features alongside British actor Antonio Aakeel in the upcoming British-Indian film Footprints On Water.

The film is about an illegal immigrant father in the UK who desperately searches for his missing daughter, while trying to avoid getting noticed by the police. While Adil Hussain plays the father, Malayalam actress Nimisha Sajayan plays the daughter.

“The dreams, the hope, demolition of the dreams, the realisation as to what are the most important aspects in life, are very engagingly interwoven in the narrative,” Adil Hussain told

Directed by Nathalia Syam, the film also features Malayalam actress Lena Kumar as the missing girl’s stepmother. British actor Aakeel essays an Afghani refugee.

“As immigrants of Indian origin brought up in Britain, we’ve had a ringside view into the lives of various people, their cultures and ethnicities. Through the plot of an illegal immigrant father’s search for his missing daughter, we raise the question of what happens, when the invisibles go missing,” said director Syam.

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