Mistreating women makes you a monster: Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

Actress Sunny Leone, who will do a cameo on TV show “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan”, says mistreating and disrespecting women doesn’t make a man “cool”, and that it makes him “a monster”.

“I’m not from here (in India), I’ve never lived in a culture in which it is not normal to be liberal. I just want to say to all the men out there, that if you’re a man who is curbing a woman’s freedom, it is just really uncool to behave in this manner whether you’re from a small town or a big town.

“It doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a monster,” Sunny said in a statement.

The current track of the MTV show brings up a social issue highlighting the problems facing women in the country.

Mukti (Charlie Chauhan) loses the love of her life and enters into a rabbit hole of drugs and sex. When some guys misbehave with her, Mukti and her girl-gang decide to revolt and stand up for their right to lead their lives the way they wish. Sunny joins the girls in this fight by walking alongside them as they march for their rights.

Speaking about women standing up for their rights, Sunny added: “I think it is extremely important that women should stand up for themselves and be who they want to be. It starts with what you learn at home and with education. How your parents teach you to treat women… if that starts, then we can start seeing the change in our youngsters.”

Sunny, who believes the “mentality of how you treat people” needs to change, says she hopes the show will help her reach out to the youth.

“This is the least I can do to put it across out there to young people that it is not cool in any country to act like this. You need to change your mentality of how you treat people,” she said.

“Staying silent is just as guilty” is what the 33-year-old actress believes and wants to tell the country’s young men.

The “Murder 3” actress, who is busy promoting her film “Ek Paheli Leela”, said: “For all the young men — you must speak up too, staying silent is just as guilty, you should say something and help the girls achieve equal freedom. If you have respect from within then you will speak up.”