Big B looks back at ‘Sharaabi’

Actor Amitabh Bachchan
Actor Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan, who is basking in the success of the father-daughter tale in “Piku”, is nostalgic about how “Sharaabi”, which released 31 years ago, delved on the father-son camaraderie.

The 1984 drama revolves around a son played by Amitabh, of an uncaring and ruthless businessman (Pran), who grows up to be an alcoholic and a spoilt brat but with a kind heart.

“It’s 31 years of ‘Sharaabi’ .. goodness feels like just the other day we were on the World Tour of 1983, the very first of its kind for the Industry and having performed in almost 10 cities in US and London, flying to Trinidad & Tobago from NYC, when Prakash Mehra also travelling with me, suggests we should do a film based on a father son relationship where the son is an alcoholic,” Big B wrote on his blog.

The 72-year-old actor also took to his micro-blogging website Twitter account to share his thoughts.

“31 years of ‘SHARAABI’ .. seems just the other day we were on set for the film ! Story conceived at 35,000 ft over the Atlantic,” he tweeted.

Also reminiscing some other tidbits from the film’s shooting, he said that “during the making of ‘Sharaabi’ a bomb blew up his hand”.

“I went ahead in order not to disturb or cause delay. The hand had been reduced to pulp. It looked like a raw cooked tandoori chicken. Every portion of the hand had melted. But I continued to work”.

There was also a fight sequence, which the actor says was “choreographed” by him.

“Like the fight sequence in the bar when I take on the guys that had stolen my watch and chain etc. That was choreographed by me…Fun times,” he wrote.