Shahid meets his UK fans

Shahid Kapoor started his dance journey at Shiamak’s and sent his wishes through video bytes to the students of Shiamak London at the Summer Funk this year. The students were in surprise to know that the best dancers would get a chance to meet & interact with Shahid Kapoor on his recent visit to London.

Shahid met the winners Pavan Maru and Natasha Patel & got nostalgic in sharing his past experience of winning the Summer Funk Competition.

“Having the opportunity to meet Shahid Kapoor after the show was just mind-blowing! He is such a down to earth and amazing guy. He was extremely encouraging and professional,” said Pavan Maru.

“Shahid was excited to meet us too and tell us about his V Cup triumph 18 years ago at SDIPA.I am in awe of his great personality and charm am so grateful and thankful to Shiamak and his amazing instructors for giving me this amazing opportunity!” said Natasha Patel.