Big B salutes KBC big winners – Achin and Sarthak

Actor Amitabh Bachchan and Television producer – director Siddhartha Basu during the announcement of the first crorepati of the reality game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), in Mumbai.

“There was a mission in the manner in which they approached the game,” says Amitabh Bachchan marvelling at the “effort” and “determination” of the two brothers from Delhi who cracked the “highest honour on KBC”.

The Narula brothers – Achin and Sarthak, in their 20s – became the first to hit the jackpot by winning the maximum prize money of Rs.7 crore in a special edition of the eighth edition of the reality game show KBC (‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’), leaving the show’s host in awe.

“There was a mission in the manner in which they approached the game. Right from the very start, they went about it in a manner that was simply exemplary,” Big B said while sharing his thoughts Saturday on his blog.

Most importantly the duo may have used up all their Lifelines, but they had the answer even before they asked for help.

“And that was the beauty of their effort. In my view they never needed any help from the Lifelines – they had all the answers, perfectly worked out, analysed and well-thought out,” wrote Amitabh adding that they had a strong motto to win the game.

The brothers played the game to win the big prize and bear the expenses for the treatment of their mother who is suffering from ovarian cancer.

“What a moment of pride for their father, who had to sell the house they all stayed in to be able to feed the family after it suffered a setback in their business. What an effort and determined mind to be able to crack the highest honour in KBC … ,” he wrote eulogising the brothers.

Congratulating the duo, Big B further said that they proved to the world that “perseverance is the motto for ultimate success”.

“The brothers had been trying to come to this Hot Seat for the past 14 years, from the first time that KBC was played in 2000. And yesterday after many failed attempts, they not just came, but became iconic figures in the history of television in the entire wide world,” wrote the 71-year-old.