Obama bade farewell to Singh

obama and singh

US President Barack Obama Saturday bade farewell to Manmohan Singh, telling him it was a “pleasure” to have worked with him and there were few public figures he “admired or appreciated more” than the outgoing Indian prime minister.

According to a release from the Prime Minster’s Office, Obama said: “It has been a great pleasure to serve with you, there are very few people in public life that I have admired or appreciated more.”

The US president said Manmohan Singh’s tenure has been good for India and India-US relations and that he (Obama) would miss working with him.

Manmohan Singh thanked Obama for his kind words and support and friendship.

The prime minister said: “Your leadership has been an important factor in evolving a more cooperative framework in addressing global challenges.”

Manmohan Singh said the past decade has seen a significant transformation of bilateral relations and significant progress was made in the last five years.

“This would not have been possible without the president’s commitment, vision and leadership,” he added.

“Indo-US relations are also indispensable to advance peace, stability and prosperity. I am therefore very optimistic and confident about this relationship, which I am sure the next Indian government will do everything to promote further,” the prime minister added.