Israel to counter Palestinian claim in UN

MIDEAST-JERUSALEM-ISRAEL-PM-NEWS CONFERENCE-CEASEFIREIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday headed to New York to address the UN General Assembly (UNGA), pledging to expose the alleged “lies” stated by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in his speech there.

“In my address to the UNGA, I will refute all of the lies being directed at us and I will tell the truth about our state and about the heroic soldiers of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), the most moral army in the world,” Xinhua quoted Netanyahu as saying.

Addressing the UNGA Friday, Abbas accused Israel of committing a “war of genocide” in a recent seven-week-long war against Hamas in Gaza, during which more than 2,100 people, mostly civilians, were killed.

A statement released earlier by Netanyahu’s office called Abbas’s remarks “inciteful” and referred to a speech by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as “deceptive”, with Netanyahu vowing to refute the slander.

Netanyahu is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly Monday and meet US President Barack Obama in Washington Wednesday.