Transform Nursery Into An Edutainment Hub

The lockdown has proven to be a strenuous time for both parents and children. With online education being a fairly new concept to most parents and children, need a safe and fun environment that facilitates active and engaged learning. International brand IKEA has a collection of everything you need to transform your nursery into an educational and entertainment hub for children where they can learn and play.

Read on to see how you can create that safe space in the comfort of your own home.

Turn the nursery into a safe heaven where kids can study and play. (Photo: Unsplash)


The PAHL desk is just what the kids need to stick to their study schedule in these times. A simple, sturdy and spacious desk, that comes with a space for cables and chargers. The desk that will grow with your child, thanks to the three different heights, as it is easily adjusted to 59, 66 or 72 cm by using the knobs on the legs.


The perfect complement to the PAHL desk, this height-adjustable, sturdy chair has built-in lumbar support that gives extra relief to your child’s back perfect for long study sessions! Whether it be homework or adding touches to arts and crafts, the chair along with the desk can accommodate any task. Height is easy to adjust and the modern, clean design suits every need for children at every school level.


Children don’t just love spinning, tumbling, swinging and jumping for fun; they need physical activity. Physical play is as essential to their development as studies are. This folding mat aims to inspire children to play more actively at home as playing outside is not an option.

FUBBLA LED wall lamp

A desk lamp ideal for your children’s bedroom. No matter if it’s time for homework or story time, kids will always have the right light. The lamp has a dimming function that also works as a night light. The range of children’s lighting products go through some of the toughest safety tests in the world to ensure safety standards are met.


In case you happen to use a tablet for your child’s e-class, it is no doubt that children, especially those in younger age groups, may tend to fidget with the tablet during the class. ISBERGET holds the tablet in place and can be kept at a distance from the child. This tablet stand can be tilted in 2 positions, so you get a comfortable viewing angle.

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