Falguni Pathak Brings Romantic Navratri Song

Falguni Pathak back with a romantic Navratri song.

Navratri is just round the corner, and singer Falguni Pathak has the perfect song for the festival that takes place later this month.

Composed by Rasbihari Desai and written by Sudhir Desai, Falguni’s latest, “Madhmithu Naam”, is a popular Gujarati song.

“‘Madhmithu Naam’ is undoubtedly a very beautiful composition and one of my all time favourites, always wanted to try singing it. I feel so glad that I am the first to put out the recorded version of this iconic song,” said Falguni.

In the video of the song, Falguni takes on the task of bringing young lovers together.

“It was a lot of fun recording it and shooting for the music video. This Navratri as we will all be celebrating from our homes, this song is just my way of reaching out to everyone who loves music and spread the message of love and hope. Have a happy and safe Navratri”, said the singer.

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